Friday, 18 February 2011

This Week...

I dont know if it has been a week since my last update like this, but hey! I think it works. from matthieu brajot on Vimeo.

A newly launched website showcasing illustrators and photographers. It looks like something along the lines of fffffound, except more specific...

One of my all time favorite adverts from the tele. It makes me laugh!!!

DocsBarcelona spot from nomono on Vimeo.

Cristobal Schmal ( illustrated this cut little animation. Just dont ask me what its advertising because I do not understand what it says...

Pietari Posti ( is my favourite illustrator right now. I am just loving the colours that he uses and the line quality of some of his illustrations. Just thought I should share.

And finally tina burning ( with some lovely line quality drawings that I just love. Check out the diary section with a drawing a day. Some nice line stuff there.

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