Friday, 25 February 2011

I dont actually know...

Silly little commercial for high speed internet, featuring the rabbit panther thingy...


So, remember those sheep that I did a month or so ago? Well, this is what has become of them;

The sheep made it in. the animals represent different comic book things, like speech bubbles, thought bubbles, commas and such things. So this is the final for the brief, and did the whole of the final peice while being ill, so that was fun.

There may still be a possibility of doing a page inside of the cover with the long forgotten sheep. We shall see.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


"Ogres are like... Onions!"
"they stink?"
"Yess... No!"
"Oh, they make you cry."
"Oh, you leave them out in the sun they get brown and start sprouting little white hairs."
"Noo! Layers! Onions have layers! Ogres have layers! Onion have layers, you get it? We both have layers!"

So friday night and having nothing better to do, I draw onions. Thats what everyone else does right?
So the image is made up of of 4 different ink drawings, and a paper cut. You know keeping with the idea of layers and things.

Note to self: Do more Illustration friday stuff, its fun.

Friday, 18 February 2011

This Week...

I dont know if it has been a week since my last update like this, but hey! I think it works. from matthieu brajot on Vimeo.

A newly launched website showcasing illustrators and photographers. It looks like something along the lines of fffffound, except more specific...

One of my all time favorite adverts from the tele. It makes me laugh!!!

DocsBarcelona spot from nomono on Vimeo.

Cristobal Schmal ( illustrated this cut little animation. Just dont ask me what its advertising because I do not understand what it says...

Pietari Posti ( is my favourite illustrator right now. I am just loving the colours that he uses and the line quality of some of his illustrations. Just thought I should share.

And finally tina burning ( with some lovely line quality drawings that I just love. Check out the diary section with a drawing a day. Some nice line stuff there.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


The four logos that I did for my most recent project. Pleased with most of them, so yea. Next project, here I come! :P
So the Logos are for fellside, a farm shop, uk space agency, the travelling puppet theatre company and the river side trust.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Degrees of seperation

Project of illustration leaning. Or an actual illustration brief that was completely nothing to do with graphic designs brief. It was fun, only had a week, and half way through that week I ran away home. I was not happy.

So what we had to do was "Degrees of seperation" You know that thing that you can have a friend of a friend who is related to Bob Geldoff. But we had to connect a porcupine, cactus, General Nelson, umbrella, Fuji, tea pot, picket fence, analog telephone, rain cloud and wendy house in two illustrations which both contain all ten for an fake newspaper article. One was full colour, the other two colours.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Book Covers

Two of which are animations:

So they were a pain to do at first, but once I got the hang of flash and doing frame by frame animation I was able to animate them pretty quickly.

So two animations obviously for Forestry and Architecture and then my book cover for Navigation. I feel that between the animations and the book cover dont actually link brilliantly, buts that more to do with change of context...
Well I hope it is, other wise I failed.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

This Week...

So "this week" has ended up being these last 3 weeks but at least I am trying to stick to it. Its not the point that I this is only the second post... And anyway I probably should be doing work, or sleeping.

The Tadpole from Passion Pictures on Vimeo.

A very cute animation about a tadpole. You got to love cute animations that don't really have a point to them. Actually come to think of it, not many of the animations I watch seem to have any point to them...

Another even more pointless animation, but its about Stephen Fry and you gotta love anything to do with him. No, really you do...

Because Its bonkers thats why....

You got to love his stuff, and he is a very clever person too. Always awesome. Waiting in healthy anticipation for the book. The videos a bit long and boring, but interesting. Does that make it not boring? Well its Frank Chimero so its not...

And his website is here...