Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Illustration Friday: Obsession

So I have not done anything for illustration friday for a while, definitely not because I was watching japanese cartoons... When you say that instead of Anime, I think it sounds worse...

Any way, this week is obsession, so what am I obsessed about, books. And the reading of the books.

I was trying to fake lino printing using illustrator and vectorness. It doesn't look too bad, and most importantly it doesn't look like typical vector stuff you get with garish colours and generally no pretty figures...


  1. This is absolutely lovely :) Hope you're having a good summer xxx

  2. I think you succeded very well on giving it a lino printing look, very very nice illustration :)
    I would love to see a tutorial on how to do this kind of style, as i have a very huge gap in my illustrator skills.

  3. I really like the look and I too am obsessed with reading!

  4. great work
    and it does look like a lino print
    the background colour is perfect for describing that serene feeling of getting lost in a fantasy world

  5. Great color and textures. Very interesting style.