Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Stuff to do over the long summer days...

As I have so much time to myself over the summer, I have decided to make a list of different things that people have asked me to do for them, or just some competitions that should be worth entering. I thought if I was going to make a list, I might as well make one here...


  • http://www.e4.com/estings/ A competition to make a new E4 "e-sting" a huge amount of prize money up for grabs!
  • http://www.cheltenham-illustration-awards.com/ Some thing to do with Trees... And history Im not entirely sure, but I will be doing this over the easter weeks as the final entry date is may.
  • http://illustrationfriday.com/ every friday a new topic, so hopefully every week a new illustration. 
  • My Dad works for a charity http://english.chinaconcern.org/ and in his little office they have some saying type motivational thoughts, and he has asked me to create posters for them, they are; Feed the pig, Eat the strawberry, Say no or not yet and Affirm but not cheesy. I will explain them when I get around to actually making them. 
  • I am wanting to redesign my website; louisehubbard.co.uk Beware the lino...
  • Find a placement, but still confused about what I am looking for here... Will ask my tutors about it when I see them in a week or two, but until then, lets have a look for local graphic designy studios.
  • Im sure there will be more stuff, I will put it up as it comes! 

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